welcome to onlineeducator.info!

this site was created to provide a place for my colleagues and my students to locate helpful and field-tested information to assist them in incorporating technology into the elementary curriculum. be on the lookout, you may find a family picture or two here as well.

i have been a teacher since 1985 when i received my first teaching assignment in an arkansas kindergarten classroom. that was the most amazing three years of growth and learning for me. after relocating to southern california, i taught both kindergarten and second grade before moving into the post-secondary environment. i enrolled in california state university bakersfield's master of arts in education program, selecting an emphasis in educational technology. i now work with student teachers, facilitating their development as young professionals in the wonderful world of education.

the two years i spent earning my master's degree taught me that the journey is never complete. friends who know i am unable to do nothing for any significant period of time gave me a graduation gift of this domain name and some web development software. to keep myself busy, here is a continuation with the past attached. join me on my journey, let me know what you think, and contribute what you feel is important to our profession!

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