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Selection Description
Section 1.1 Proficiency Section 1.1: Word Processing / Desktop Publishing
Section 1.2 Proficiency Section 1.2: E-mail
Section 1.3 Proficiency Section 1.3: Threaded Discussion / ListServ / Chat
Section 1.4 Proficiency Section 1.4: Copyright / Acceptable Use Policy / Appropriateness
Section 1.5 Proficiency Section 1.5: Cut, Copy & Paste / Printing / Find & Replace
Section 1.6 Proficiency Section 1.6: Hardware / Software
Section 1.7 Proficiency Section 1.7: Computer Components and Processes
Section 1.8 Proficiency Section 1.8: Operating System & Network Troubleshooting
Section 1.9 Proficiency Section 1.9: Electronic Research / Citing Resources
Section 1.10 Proficiency Section 1.10: Internet Search Tools
Section 1.11 Proficiency Section 1.11: Technology Lessons and Content Standards
Section 1.12 Proficiency Section 1.12: Technology in Support of the Classroom
Section 1.13 Proficiency Section 1.13: Reliable Information
Appendix A-B Proficiency New Appendix A-B Proficiency

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