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Selection Description
Section 2.1 Proficiency Section 2.1: Communications through a variety of electronic media.
Section 2.2 Proficiency Section 2.2: Collaboration through electronic media and computer based collaborative tools.
Section 2.3 Proficiency Section 2.3: Collaborate with other teachers, mentors, librarians, resource specialists, and other experts to support technology-enhanced curriculum.
Section 2.4 Proficiency Section 2.4: Contribute to site-based planning or local decision-making regarding the use of technology and acquisition of technological resources.
Section 2.5 Proficiency Section 2.5: Demonstrate competence inevaluating the authenticity,reliability, and bias of the data gathered.
Section 2.6 Proficiency Section 2.6: Design or adapt lessons that promote the effective use of technology in teaching and state content standards or instructional objectives.
Section 2.7 Proficiency Section 2.7: Designs, adapts, and uses lessons which develop student information literacy and problem solving skills as tools for lifelong learning.
Section 2.8 Proficiency Section 2.8: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the legal and ethical issues concerned with the use of computer-based technology.
Section 2.9 Proficiency Section 2.9: Use a computer application to manipulate and analyze data.
Section 2.10 Proficiency Section 2.10: Use technology as a tool for assessing student learning and for providing feedback to students and their parents.
Section 2.11 Proficiency Section 2.11: Use of primary source and Internet-based student activities.

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