Resources for CTAP Level 2 Communication
(Proficiencies 2.1 and 2.10)
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Creating Web Pages:

Communicate with Students and Parents
Free Webpage for Teachers by Education Gateway

School Notes Customizing Information
Created by Carol Lombardo, Region 8 Level 3 Mentor

Inspiring Teacher's Free Webpages
Use this easy site to create your own webpage

Class HomePage Builder
Free Webpage for Teachers by Scholastic

HTML Crash Course for Teachers
Basics of HTML to create your own site or jazz up your "free"one

Creating PowerPoint Presentations:

PowerPoint For Teachers
PowerPoint Presentation for Teachers on the uses of PowerPoint in School

Printable PowerPoint Tutorial
Printable reference for creating PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Creation Presentation
Presentation for Creating basic PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Games on the Internet
Download PowerPoint GameTemplates to Create you own Classroom Games

Scoring Power Points
Guide to creating and using PowerPoint Presentations that are more than outlines

PowerPoint 2000
Tutorials, Project Ideas, and additional PowerPoint Links

Electronic Portfolios:

Electronic Portfolios
Great Comprehensive Resource

Electronic Portfolios
Preservice and Inservice Teacher's Portfolios Check this reference out for ideas for your Electronic Portfolio

What to Include in Electronic Portfolios
Quick explanation of things to include in your portfolio

Creating and Using Portfolios on the Alphabet Superhighway
What, Why, and How to create effective portfolios with examples

Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Classroom
Informational Article on the creation and use of electronic portfolios in the classroom, great additional web links

Introduction to Portfolios
Article on the benefits of portfolio assessment

Student Portfolios
Article on the uses of portfolios in the classroom

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