Resources for CTAP Level 2 Lesson Planning
(Proficiencies 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7)

California State Standards:

California Content Standards
Standards for All Content Areas

CSUN Standards Page
Curriculum Frameworks, Instructional Materials, Standards-based Testing, and Helpful Links a must check-out site

Schools of California Online Resources for Education (SCORE) Websites:

SCORE Language Arts
Website for California State Language Arts Framework and Standards. Cyberguides (standard-based instructional guides) are available here for core-literature excellent resource

SCORE Science
Website for California State Science Framework and Standards with activities and resources to meet grade level expectations

SCORE History/Social Science
Website for California State History and Social Science Framework and Standards with activities and resources to meet grade level expectations

Website for California State Math Framework and Standards with activities and resources to meet grade level expectations

Lesson Plan Sites:

ABC Teach
Searchable Database of Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Activities and more

Ed Helper
Online Lesson Plans. Monthly Ideas

Teacher Vision
Lesson Plans by topics and theme fee based membership for some areas

Lesson PlanZ
Lesson Plans for all ages and curricular areas
Lesson Plans, Chat Areas, Harry Wong Column great multipurpose site

Professional Teacher Community
Another great multipurpose elementary teacher site

Thirteen Ed Online
PBS Webservice for Teachers

Gateway to Educational Materials
Online search for free and fee based lesson plans, units, and educational resources.


Alaska Department of Education
Collection of Assessment Strategies

Articles on the Advantages and Types of Rubrics

Links to rubric creation sites on the Internet

Articles and Papers

Rubrics and Checklists

Create Your Own Rubrics

Rubrics for Teachers
Guide for Education Rubrics

Articles for Writing Rubrics
Articles outlining the strengths of rubrics and various ways to write and use them in an educational setting

Project Based Learning
Checklists and Evaluation Resources

Information Literacy:

Education World
Sites and Plans


Kathy Schrock
Links and Evaluation Tools

Alan November
Web Literacy Article

Alan November

Sites and Lesson Plans

Big 6
Lesson Plans

Information Literacy Activities

Web Driver's License

Joe Cool or Joe Fool
Student Activity

Surfswell Island

Cyber Safety

Oshkosh Public Library
Internet Safety Resource

Internet Safety
Student Activities

Media LiteracyClearning House
Lesson Plans, Sites and Activities

Online Advertising
Activities and Lessons to Teach Students about Advertising

Is Seeing Believing?
Photo Activity

Civil War
Photo Lesson Plan

Hoax or Real?
Internet Safety for Parents, Teachers,and Students
Cyber-Safety Lesson Plans and Activities

Cybersmart Home page
Lessons. Activities, Sites

"Don't Let the Web Catch You"

Information Literacy WebQuest
Describing the Elephant

Information Literacy WebQuest
Tools For Teachers

Information Literacy WebQuest
Getting Started with a Research Project

Information Literacy WebQuest
Texas Info.Lit for Teachers

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