EDEL-429 Student Resources

Guide to the Materials
Documents listed below are to assist students in EDEL-429 (Classroom Learning Theories and Management)

Selection Format Description
Course Syllabus PDF EDEL-429 Course Syllabus
Learning Theories PowerPoint 206KB PPT PowerPoint Presentation on Learning Theories
Psychosocial Environment 452KB PPT PowerPoint Presentation on the Psychosocial Environment
Managing the Classroom 3.2MB PPT PowerPoint Presentation on Managing the Classroom
Lesson Planning 84KB PPT PowerPoint Presentation on Lesson Planning.
Questioning/Bloom/Gardner 162KB PPT PowerPoint Presentation on Bloom's Taxonomy, How to Ask Questions and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.
Working with Paraprofessionals 115KB PPT PowerPoint Presentation on working with other adults in your classroom.
E-Reserves Handouts PDF E-Reserves Handouts for both EDEL-441 and EDEL-429
Assessment in the Classroom PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation on Student Assessment
Organizational Plan Review PowerPoint Planning Review
Stress Management Handout .pdf "Keeping Yourself Sane", a handout by Debbie Silver
Instructional Objectives Handout pdf "How to Write Clear Instructional Objectives" by Debbie Meadows.
Student Motivation Handout pdf Ideas for motivating the learners in your classroom.
Multiple Intelligences Handout pdf Multiple Intelligences strategies by Debbie Silver
Tips for Teachers pdf Teaching Tips by Debbie Silver
Discipline Strategies Powerpoint PowerPoint PowerPoint presentation on discipline strategies for use in your classrooom.
Instructional Strategies and Methods PowerPoint Instructional Strategies/Methods PowerPoint Presentation.


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