Student Teaching Materials

Guide to the Materials
Documents listed below are to assist my students in the student teaching program.

General Documents
Selection Format Description
Stage 2 Schedule PDF Stage 2 Student Teaching Schedule
Stage 3 Schedule PDF Stage 3 Student Teaching Schedule
Observation Log PDF Observation Log Form
Teaching Standards PDF California Teaching Standards
Classroom Schedule PDF Classroom Assignment Schedule Form
E-Reserves Handouts PDF E-Reserves Handouts for both EDEL-441 and EDEL-429
EEP Portfolio Template .doc CSUB Portfolio Template for the Elementary Education Program (EEP)
Video Reflection Template .doc CSUB Portfolio Template for Video Reflections
Portfolio Rubric .doc The rubric for portfolio creation
Portfolio Creation Guide .doc A guide to assist you in creating your portfolio.
Bulletin Board Reflection Template .doc Template for your Bulletin Board Reflections
Placement Request Form .pdf Student Teaching Placement Request Form

Selection Format Description
EDEL439 Syllabus PDF EDEL439 Syllabus
EDEL448 Syllabus PDF EDEL448 Syllabus
Upper Grade Math PowerPoint PowerPoint Presenter: Dr. Bonita DeAmicis


File Formats Text Files: For multi-platform compatibility, most text-based documents have been saved in either Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, or Adobe® Acrobat® format (PDF). You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader® in order to access the PDF files. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, click on the link below.

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